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14.08.2022 16:45:00

These Passive-Income Stocks Could Very Well Be Millionaire-Makers

Patience can be a virtue. Thanks to the wonders of compound interest, anyone can grow a relatively modest investment into a million-dollar nest egg over time. For example, investing $300 a month into stocks delivering a 10% average annual return would grow into $1 million in about 35 years. You can potentially become a millionaire faster by either investing more money or making a higher-returning investment. One sector that has historically delivered high returns is real estate. While known more for their ability to produce passive income, real estate investment trusts (REITs) have delivered 11.6% total annualized returns over the past 20 years. At that rate, REITs can grow a $300 monthly investment into $1 million in about 31 years. Here are a couple of REITs that could help their investors become millionaires in the decades ahead. Realty Income (NYSE: O) has done a fantastic job growing value for its shareholders over the years. Since its public listing in 1994, the REIT has delivered a compound average annual total return of 15.1%. As a result, a hypothetical investor who bought $300 of its stock each month would have become a millionaire in 26 years. Continue reading
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